Himalayan salt bricks

What are Himalayan Salt Bricks and Salt Blocks?

Knowing what Himalayan salt bricks are and how to produce them is essential to using them. Our Khewra, Pakistan-mined Himalayan Salt contains rock minerals. Geologists advise miners on where to discover salt minerals and how likely they are to be extracted from dynamite and transported to wet sawmills. Complete usage information is available. Let’s examine salt brick usage.

What are Himalayan Salt Bricks?

Pink Himalayan salt bricks contain potassium, calcium, iron, sulfur, and magnesium. As mentioned, we shape rock into numerous elements. Wet saws cut Himalayan salt into blocks of various sizes. Due to its unique qualities and minerals, Himalayan salt is pink and can be used for building and cooking.

Himalayan salt brick adds beauty to cold or hot foods. It also resists high temperatures over time. We can heat the finished product in the stove or oven to cook food. Salt treatment makes people happy and healthy by killing dangerous particles and purifying the air.

Salt blocks of various sizes are used to make salt walls and rooms. Salt walls are being installed in saunas, yoga rooms, spas, massage centers, and wellness centers to help people relax.

How to utilize Himalayan Salt Bricks?

Similar to Himalayan salt blocks, the bricks are salt. Some market salt blocks are Himalayan salt bricks. For Himalayan salt walls, the brick is 8 inches x 4 inches x 1 inch or 2 inches. This size suits salt walls. Specially made salt bricks with natural pink salt can be used in several sectors. Salt bricks for saunas, walls, animals, cooking, and water softeners are made from this salt. Salt bricks have several uses because of their health benefits. Himalayan salt brick usage is listed below.

Interior designers embellish with Himalayan salt bricks.

We build pink Himalayan salt walls for spas, saunas, health or medical centers, homes, offices, and yoga rooms using salt bricks. This is a wonderful bedroom decoration and air freshener.

Salt bricks relieve salt footsores.
The salt brick detoxifies Himalayan salt.
Salt bricks can replace salt mass.

Table salt plates can be replaced with salt blocks.
Salt blocks make good serving blocks.

The 8-inch-long, 4-inch-wide Himalayan bricks are 2 inches thick. Pink salt density, at 5.5 pounds / 2.5 kg, indicates more minerals in this rock salt. Salt tiles are 4 inches wide, 1 inch thick, and 8 inches long, but we also have another size. Weight: 2.9 lbs/1.45kg. It’s lightweight being half a brick. Salt tiles were defined in this article. One-inch-thick Himalayan salt tiles are brick-like salt blocks.

Salt Wall Construction using Salt Tiles

We developed unique adhesives or glues for Himalayan salt to unite those blocks. The salt glue makes it easy to build a salt wall without mess. Salt bricks are great for 4/5-foot salt walls because they add strength. We generally build with these two sizes. Himalayan salt bricks are used more for salt walls.

Himalayan tiles are less popular since stability is important when building a tall wall. Salt tiles are used for decorating motifs and supporting bricks on the wall. If we want a shorter wall, these tiles are fine.

Our Himalayan bricks and tiles are carefully made. Since they have sharp corners, they look even better on walls. Another advantage of “Merak LLC” is that its salt blocks are of the same size and polished, which no other company offers. Explore the many Himalayan salt block sizes for various uses.

Himalayan salt walls enhance spa guests’ experiences.

The purest and most beneficial salt on earth, 100% pure Himalayan crystal salt, is used to make Pink Salt Wall and Salt Room Builder’s high-quality walls. We provide high-quality Salt Wall Blocks and bricks for building Himalayan Salt Walls. These unusual décor pieces have been growing in popularity for years because they add earthy, calm charm to any environment.

Durable and elegant, these salt panels can be customized in size, texture, color, and design to match your theme.

They are ideal for any…

therapeutic massage
Wellness center.
Day spa.

Destination resort.
Holistic healthcare.

Fitness center – Luxury hotel – Stand-alone salt room for home or business

The lit, hand-carved salt blocks bring beauty to your spa and improve guest wellness. Gentle heating activates the hygroscopic qualities of Himalayan crystal salt, causing air humidity to condense on the salt blocks and start the natural ionization process. Salt filters the air and provides biological benefits like stress reduction, energy boosting, and mood enhancements. Traditional saunas are known for their health advantages, but adding pure Himalayan salt makes them unmatched.

How to create a Salt Wall?

We devised a glue or paste using Himalayan Salt to join these blocks. This Salt Adhesive made salt wall construction straightforward and mess-free. Both sizes are largely for building. Himalayan Salt Bricks are better for building salt walls over 4/5 feet tall because they provide more solidity.

For high walls, Himalayan Salt Tiles are not recommended due to stability issues. Salt tiles are generally used for decoration and to support bricks on walls. These tiles are also ideal for building a shorter wall. Pink Salt Bricks and tiles are carefully constructed and have sharp edges, making them more beautiful on a wall. All Himalayan Salterz salt blocks are polished and homogeneous in size, which no other manufacturer offers. Visit and enjoy their Salt Blocks.

Sauna with Himalayan Salt Wall

Himalayan Salt Sauna offers cleansing and Halotherapy.

A Himalayan Salt Sauna?

Himalayan Salt Wall or Room and traditional sauna are combined.

Traditional saunas have cedar benches, walls, and an oven to generate heat and steam. Another typical sauna is infrared. This sauna generates heat with light waves instead of an oven. Every sauna aims to relieve tension, calm the body, and sweat out pollutants.

Himalayan Salt Sauna enhances Halotherapy’s health advantages. It enhances Sauna detoxification. Salt therapy relaxes and calms the nervous system, but Sauna Salt Wall boosts these advantages. Himalayan Salt Wall generates a salt treatment sauna. Pure breathing helps the respiratory system in the Himalayan Salt Sauna. Himalayan Pink Salt clears and strengthens lung linings to fight respiratory disorders.

Traditional Sauna to Himalayan Salt Sauna

Converting a normal sauna to a Himalayan Salt Sauna is simple. With a Salt Wall, every sauna may become a Himalayan Salt Sauna.
Any sauna can be upgraded to a Himalayan Salt Sauna by adding authentic Himalayan Salt Bricks to the walls and fixtures.

Sauna salt brick tiles Wall salt bricks

Himalayan Salt Wall saunas are useful and profitable. Why is a salt wall needed for a salt sauna? We build walls with negative-ion salt bricks. Many specialists have proven that Himalayan Pink Salt emits ions that purify the air and clear lung inner linings when breathed in. Instead of building a room, you can build a salt wall with Himalayan salt bricks to create a similar environment.

Himalayan Salt Wall Panel

We’ve seen spa and sauna owners not install a salt room or wall. But they construct Himalayan salt wall panels and hang or put them in their Sauna. Salt wall panels are the portable salt wall that has configurable dimensions and shape. Salt wall panels can be backlit. This looks great and is portable. People love them and make and utilize them.

Himalayan Salt Wall cost

Himalayan salt wall prices vary by coverage. Standard 4′ x 5′ walls cost roughly $1000. But if the square footage increases then the cost will undoubtedly increase. Salt wall cost depends on many factors. Using 2″ thick salt bricks costs more than using 1″ thick ones. People use different salt brick sizes to build walls. All of these factors affect salt wall cost.

How to create a salt wall

A salt wall requires Himalayan salt bricks of your choice and salt glue. The salt adhesive will bond the salt bricks quite strongly. The lights can be placed behind the salt wall after adding salt adhesive to the bricks. Simply lay salt bricks on, apply salt adhesive, then add more. Layer by layer, create a salt wall.

Salt Sauna Benefits

While spa services and saunas are common in North America, salt treatment and salt walls are newer. To offer more therapies in one area, many spa operators are considering turning their therapy rooms into Salt Rooms. People are aware of salt therapy’s health benefits and want them. Many spa operators provide reiki, massage, and yoga in the salt chamber to enhance its medicinal powers.

Himalayan salt sauna bricks

When Himalayan salt bricks or walls are added to a sauna, hygroscopy develops. When sauna humidity condenses on salt blocks, ionization begins.

Wholesale Himalayan Salt Bricks

Purchase bulk salt bricks to build a Himalayan salt wall. Himalayan salt wall costs less than bulk salt bricks. Pakistani salt bricks can be imported wholesale. Remember that it will take 45–60 days to arrive in the US. In the US, you must find wholesale salt bricks locally.

If you have a Sauna Salt bricks may easily convert a sauna into a Himalayan salt chamber.
We import pure Himalayan pink salt rock from the Khewra salt mine in Punjab, Pakistan, at the foot of the Himalayas. This rock salt substance was carefully cut and polished into translucent salt bricks and tiles. High-quality ambient backlighting may be adjusted with the dimmer control on the salt wall and bench.

You can cover a room with an ambient-lit salt wall of salt bricks, tiles, or rock salt. Salt chambers have stalactite ceilings lighted by fiber optics. Salt saunas have cedar beam ceilings like traditional saunas. The floor can then be coated with granulated pink Himalayan salt crystals and lighted salt brick walkways. The floor and ceiling might match a traditional sauna.

Start Healing

Combining halotherapy with other spa therapies and services helps customers and spa operators. Numerous clinical investigations have shown that regular salt therapy sessions help improve respiratory and skin issues. Additionally, global loyal client comments and success stories have been documented.

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