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Top 5 Watch Repair Store Must Haves

Starting a watch repair business is the perfect career for those who love timepieces and are passionate about watches. This business can be highly profitable as the watch owners willingly pay any price to get their watches fixed, as for them, watches are no less than jewelry. 

And in this article, you will get to know the six must-have things that can make your watch repair store modern and grow within no time. Additionally, we will discuss the benefits of employing a watch repair shop software and how it can play a major role in streamlining the processes. Below are the details.

1. Tools & Equipment 

Setting up a nice, decent watch repairing lab requires you to equip it with several vital tools to ease the repair process. Without the latest tools and equipment, the repairing task will take more time, and there are more chances of errors. 

Below are some of the tools you should equip your store with 

  • Eyeglass: It ensures you can easily see the small repair parts while fixing the watch. 
  • Watch Case Opener: This tool can seamlessly open the back cover of the wristwatch you are repairing to see if there is an issue with the battery or the mechanical movements. 
  • Movement Holders: It protects your watch’s machinery by safely removing it from the case. 
  • Oils and Degreasing Fluid: The fluid can easily remove all the grease on the watch. Additionally, the oil can reduce friction between different parts of the watch. 
  • Screwdrivers and Tweezers: Both these tools can be used at a time. The screwdriver opens the watch, and the tweezers are helpful while picking the screws. 

2. Marketing

Being a watch repair business owner, if you are looking to grow your store’s sales and boost your customer base, you must efficiently approach your target audience. And this cannot be possible using conventional modes such as flexes, banners, etc. 

Instead, you should employ the latest repair shop software. It can help you advertise your business by sending promotional messages and emails to your target audience, letting them know about your services. 

In addition, you must focus on online and social media marketing using platforms such as Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, and Facebook. 

3. Experienced Watch Repair Technicians

Your staff members, employees, and repair technicians are your assets. Until or unless you do not hire the best technicians to do the repair tasks, your business will not likely flourish. 

However, you should know everything about watches, their machinery, movement, materials, etc., to guide your technicians better.  

Along with that, keeping an eye on everything going on at your store is vital. For instance, you should know your employees’ schedules, such as their working hours and check-in and check-out timings. And for that, you can use a watch repair store POS software. 

The system will let you know how many hours each of your technicians have served in an entire month. Or how many watches they have repaired in a day. This way, you can also process their payrolls and calculate their bonus or any incentives.

4. Use Technology 

These days, running any retail or repair business without using technology is not worth it. Why invest your time and money in manual methods and procedures when you can automate the processes, including inventory management, cash flow, and customer handling?

The watch repair shop software such as RepairDesk works faster when you are in a rush. It seamlessly manages all your repair jobs so that you can invest most of your time in marketing and growing your business.

In addition, the software can keep track of your cash flow coming in and going out of your store, preventing all of your employees from any cash theft. 

5. Enhance your Online Presence

Being present online enhances consumer awareness and is the requirement of the current era to boost all kinds of businesses. Irrespective of your watch repair store size, try to be present digitally so that your audience can get to know you better. 

First, design a nice, decent, easy-to-navigate website where your customers can glimpse all the services and products you offer. And for that, you can outsource an SEO team or a marketing agency.

Also, ensure your website has a contact us page where customers can approach you with any queries or concerns about your services.

End Words 

Watch repair business has a lot to offer for the ones having passion and are enthusiastic about timepieces. The business can be challenging to manage if you are a newcomer. However, it can fulfill all your dreams of having enough money if you manage it right after consulting with a professional and getting some experience in the industry. 

Above, we have mentioned the top 5 must-haves to run a successful watch repair store. Hopefully, you will act upon our suggestions and make your business succeed.

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