Searching for Accommodation

Tips for International Students Who Are Searching for Accommodation

A great rush of international students can be seen today in different cities around the world. After getting enrolled in an overseas country, the first requirement of students remains accommodation. But, how to search; what should be criteria; and many other questions come into the minds of students.

So, here, some tips for international students can be read about the search for accommodation.

Use Online Accommodation Service Platforms for Your Search

There are several platforms through which you can search for accommodation such as printed advertisements, websites of accommodation owners, online accommodation service platforms, and word of mouth. It will not be wrong to say that online accommodation service platforms are the best ones in the present scenario.

Online accommodation service platforms are available in two forms: websites and mobile apps. On these platforms, you find some features, which make it much easier for you to search for student accommodation abroad.

On these platforms, you need to search for the name of the city where you are enrolled or where you want accommodation. A list will appear in front of you of different student properties available in that city. You can also search for the name of your university. It will provide a list sorted according to the distance from the university. After that, you can click or tap the name or image of different properties and you will find the details such as prices, amenities, room types, distance from universities, etc.

A special feature you find on these platforms is the comparison feature. This feature allows you to compare prices, amenities, distance, etc. of different properties on a single webpage. You can compare up to four properties in one round. Comparison can be done between the properties of one city only and you cannot compare a property of one city to that of another city.

Another feature you can find is the filter feature. This feature allows you to filter the list according to your preferences. You can find a filtered list according to your required price range, amenities, room types, stay durations, etc.

Set Your Budget

To be clear about the selection of off-campus student housing, you should set your budget. It will filter your search and you can isolate the properties, which are under your budget.

Decide Whether You Want to Stay in a Shared or Unshared Room

You can find both shared and unshared rooms in different cities in the world. In the shared rooms, you have to stay with two or more roommates. You can consider certain factors to take this decision.

If you love privacy, then unshared rooms are the right options for you. On the other hand, if you want to stay in the company of other students like you, then you should opt for multiple-occupancy rooms. However, you can find the company of others even when you choose an unshared room. Many of these rooms are located in the shared apartments. So, you can stay in your private room and meet other residents in the living rooms and other common areas.

Besides, shared rooms can be found at low rents since the rent is split among all the residents of a room equally. However, many single-occupancy rooms can also be found at low rents.

Set Your Preferences

These days, accommodations for students come available with a variety of amenities for studies, fun, fitness, and many other aspects of their lives. You can find gyms, games rooms, cinemas, BBQs, Wi-Fi internet connections, study rooms, etc. You can know the availability of amenities in detail on the online accommodation service platforms.

You should set your preference to make it easier for you to find the right property. You should think about your requirements and choices according to which you can set. If your budget is limited then you must do this. It is because the prices of rooms may be high if there are a lot of amenities in a property. So, you can search for the properties under your budget which have at least those amenities, which you want.

Decide Which Type of Accommodation You Want

There are different types of accommodations available in various countries. You should decide which type you want according to your preferences. Types may be classified according to complexes and accommodation units. In terms of complexes, you can find three types: university halls, purpose-built student housing, and private rental apartments.

In the accommodation units, you can find ensuite rooms, shared rooms, apartments, studios, and some others.

Final Thought: Don’t Forget to See the Distance Between University and Property

If you find a student residence near your university then you can save a lot of time and money. You can even find some students’ properties within walking distance of your university.

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