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10 Things You Need to Know Before Studying Abroad in Jersey City     

Studying abroad, especially in a place like Jersey City is a dream come true. It is thrilling as well as quite daunting. It is going to be about a new atmosphere, new people, new culture and much more. everyone in your circle will tell you how exciting the time can get. They are surely right but there are a few things they do not tell you about studying abroad in Jersey City. So, here are the 10 things that you should know before you leave for your new destination. 

Keeping paperwork in order

When you are planning to go abroad, it is important to get your passport as early as possible. You need to apply for your visa on time. you have to check the visa requirements for Jersey City and file accordingly. If you have a passport, double and triple-check the expiration date. Ensure that it will last you well beyond the semester. 

The “First Day” Panic Attack is normal

If you think that you are panicking on your first day and it is not okay, then do not worry. Most of the students feel the same. Feeling anxious on the very first day is quite normal. When you start meeting new people, this feeling will go away. 

Don’t forget to secure your courses, flights, and housing

All study abroad programs are unique but they also include traditional coursework. It is important that you know what classes you will be taking and when they meet. Look for Off-Campus student housing. just ensure that you have booked a flight to your study abroad destination. That is the whole point of the journey. 

Developing friendships takes time

If you think you can make friends on the very first day, then you might be wrong. Making friends takes time but once you make a good bunch then they will remain friends for life. Just be patient, friendly, and outgoing. This way you can develop friendships. 

Keep up-to-date with currency exchange

When you decide where to study abroad, students also consider the daily expenses. But if you consider the cheapest countries then it can be the least stable. So, it is best to go to Jersey City as it is one of the best places. You need to keep updated with the currency exchange as small changes can make a big impact when you are budgeting for months instead of days. 

Road rules are different

Whenever you are going to a new place, you should remember that the rules over there are different. Every country has different rules for drivers and pedestrians. In some places, one has to drive on the right while in some places one needs to drive on the left side. It is one of the best to get acquainted with the rules before hitting the road for your safety. This way you can protect yourself from any fine. So, whenever you are leaving your student apartments Jersey City, know the rules. 

Watch the news for any updates on your destination

You will want to know if your study-abroad country’s economy is tanking or not. You should check if their metro system is falling apart or if they are experiencing any kind of major political upheavals. You should be updated with all the news before you go. Some of the top-notch places to study abroad are in economic as well as political flux, so do not panic over every little incident. You must be aware of the place you are going. This will make your life quite effortless.  

Pickpocketing is common

You can’t expect a city with no crime at all. So, it is always best to keep your belongings along with you. Ensure that every time is safe including you. Your safety at the end of the day is in your own hands. 

Get discounts with a student ID

While you study abroad, you will be entitled to receive a lot of free things. All you need to have is your student ID. Keep it with you or get a picture of it on your phone. You can easily avail of free discounts whenever required. You will be able to get discounts on transportation, grocery, entertainment, books, and more. So, whenever you go out of your student housing Jersey City, carry your ID. 

Public transportation can help you save

Exploring the city through public transport is efficient. You can save big bucks and also make travel easy and hassle-free. So, what are you waiting for? Get your pass for commuting by bus or train with ease. 

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