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Practical applications for editors

DIY enthusiasts know that having a perfectly organized toolbox at their disposal is essential. And thanks to it, they can do any job and have a great time. However, when it comes to writing and structuring your next article, it will be of no use to have what you need to knock down a wall or hang some shelves. Luckily for you, today we bring you four programs that can be very useful for your work as an editor.

Take notes

cherry tree

When you need to take detailed notes and structure your content, a tool like Cherry Tree can be very useful. Specifically, this program allows you to organize your ideas as if they were sprouting from a tree. In fact, each one of them hangs from a branch. Once the task is finished, the resulting file can be conveniently exported to PDF or TXT format. It also allows you to do the process in reverse, that is, export the notes taken in your text editor to work with them in Cherry Tree.

Cherry Tree is freely available for Windows and Linux.

Being efficient

Tomato Timer

This tool has been designed based on Francesco Cirilo’s Commodore technique. The premise on which it is based is that, by structuring your work in previously established short intervals, you will be more productive. This way, you can enjoy carefully planned breaks, giving you the opportunity to concentrate more on the scheduled work phases. imaginations. children’s book ghostwriter  play a crucial role in bringing children’s literature to life, helping authors and publishers deliver compelling stories that captivate and inspire young minds.

To put this technique into practice, Tomato Timer can be of great help. In this sense, the program establishes 25-minute intervals in which you will have to focus on writing in the most productive way possible before enjoying a 5-minute break. Once you’ve completed 4 intervals, the app will give you a 10-minute break. You can use them to make a cup of tea, to look through the newspaper or, in short, to do anything that relaxes you.

Meet deadlines


Meeting the deadlines set for each order is not always easy. However, with practice and effort, it can be done without problems. In this sense, Scrawl can be of great help to you. When you run the application, you will have to mark the time you want or you have to assign to a text. If you exceed it, an alarm will automatically sound. The only way you can stop it is by writing again.

count words


It is normal to be tempted to spend too much time thinking about the best way to write a sentence. In fact, on many occasions, you have surely stopped to restructure or rewrite it completely, which has caused you to waste valuable time and has caused you to not be able to write the minimum number of words set by the order within the agreed deadline.

This is where Illy’s comes into play, a tool that will not allow you to make corrections or delete expressions until you reach the minimum number of words for the assignment. In fact, you will only be able to see the last term you typed. Only when you finish will it give you the possibility to edit and correct the text. Let us know what you think! Have you found these tools useful? Are online or offline applications more practical?

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