Long Stays Vs Short stays which is better for you as an international student
Long Stays Vs Short stays which is better for you as an international student

Long Stays Vs Short stays which is better for you as an international student

There are two sorts of renting arrangements for housing in Birmingham: short-term and long-term.

Rental agreements for a few days to a few months are commonly referred to as short-term accommodations. These could be serviced flats, hotel rooms, or holiday rentals. People who require temporary lodging for various reasons or who are travelling for short-term study programme, frequently employ short-term rentals.

On the other hand, rental agreements for stays of several months to a year or more are generally referred to as long-term accommodations. These could be homes, condos, or rental units. People who are settling in a region for a long time, such students or people who have moved for work, frequently employ long-term leases.

A visit of one week or less is considered short-stay, whereas a stay of six months or more is considered long-stay. Compared to long-stay residences, short-term homes are more frequently completely furnished. Gas, water, and electricity are frequently excluded from rental fees in long-term residences, while they are frequently included in short-term rentals. Because the agreements are more flexible and of a transitory nature, short-stay rates are frequently more appealing to the lessor, allowing you to request a higher rental fee. While short-term tenants may not necessarily wish to register at the address, long-term tenants nearly always do.

Short term tenancy agreements

The pros

  1. 1) Flexibility: Short-term rentals provide you a lot of freedom, especially in terms of who you can choose to have stay in your homes. You have the luxury of selecting renters more carefully if short-term leases are in high demand in your neighbourhood. A short-term lease makes it much simpler to move out of a property if the occupants start to cause you problems. This is especially useful if you want to rent out your property for a portion of the year. It is imperative for landlords to contemplate obtaining short-term renter insurance in order to safeguard their rented property from any possible harm.

2) Higher rates: Compared to long-term tenancy agreements, short-term agreements can fetch prices up to 30% higher because they are usually charged at a day rate. Additionally, you have the right to charge more for rental properties at busy times like festivals. Even if it’s helpful financially, you should evaluate how the income from your property will be affected by the time it will be vacant. Is it worth the time and effort required to manage a short-term rental property?

Long term tenancy agreements

So what is the duration of a long-term tenancy agreement? A long-term lease for a Student Accommodation Birmingham might be anywhere from six months to many years. Long-term leases are superior to short-term ones in a number of respects, even though they don’t offer the same flexibility or higher rates.

  1. The advantages
  1. 1) Stable revenue: Because long-term leases provide a consistent stream of money, many landlords choose to offer them. Renters with a long-term lease are obliged to pay their rent and handle all other maintenance (such as utility bills). Long-term rentals can lessen the amount of juggling you need to do if you are a landlord with numerous homes, as well as ensure your revenue for things like buy-to-let mortgages.

2) Less time and effort: Long-term leasing agreements allow landlords to establish a contract and, as long as payments are made, mostly forget about it. Once a renter has moved in, all that is left to do is collect the rent on time. Landlords may now more easily keep track of rent payments because many renters set up bank transactions to withdraw money automatically from their account at a specific time each month.

The following are some significant distinctions between short-term and long-term housing:

Duration of stay: Long-term lodging generally rented for several months up to a year or longer, whilst short-term lodging is usually rented for a few days to a few months.

Cost: Although short-term lodging can be more affordable for shorter visits, it is typically more expensive per night than long-term lodging. A longer lease or a higher down payment may be necessary for long-term rentals.

Furnishings: While long-term rentals may require the renter to furnish the space themselves, short-term accommodations are frequently already furnished.

Flexibility: With choices for daily or weekly rentals, short-term lodging is frequently more adaptable. Lease agreements are frequently necessary for long-term rentals, and early departure clauses may be included.

The choice between short-term and long-term lodging options should be made after giving considerable thought to your demands and financial constraints

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